Look, Sarah Jessica Parker Is Playing Carrie Bradshaw Again, But A Soon-To-Be Divorced Version

Oh, good, Sarah Jessica Parker is starring in a show that sounds like thinly-veiled fan fiction about what happens to Carrie after she realizes that Big is a philandering lame-o who’s kind of boring, and that Aiden, his furniture and his floppy dog were all she ever needed in her life. It’s called “Divorce,” it’s coming to HBO and here is your first look at Ms. Bradshaw, er, I mean, “Frances.”


Parker will play Frances, a woman who becomes convinced that she should maybe possibly divorce her husband after being influenced by two of her newly-single friends. She’s not sure if she wants to pull the trigger, but when her husband finds out that she’s been cheating on him after all, he decides to divorce her. Twist!

While this sounds … less than promising unless it is indeed fanfic, the great news is that Sharon Horgan, one half of the duo behind “Catastrophe,” the best romantic comedy on the small screen, wrote the pilot and is the showrunner, too. Hope, it springs eternal.