FHM Will Suspend Publication

I get why some people are going to be celebrating the decline and impending death of FHM, the “lad” mag whose hook was a steady stream of just-this-side-of-nude photos of famous women. Its publisher has given in to the reality that magazines are a dying medium that peaked about ten years ago, and FHM and its sister (brother?) publication Zoo will be discontinued by 2016.

I get it: It was incredibly objectifying to women. But I’m also sad, because I remember signing up for a subscription of FHM at a discounted rate when I was 14 and poring through it every month, indulging in my newly-out queerness. FHM was where I first learned that the clitoris is a huge network of nerve endings (they don’t bother telling you that in sex ed), and FHM is where I learned the basics of cunnilingus (they don’t bother telling you that in women’s magazines).

Pour one out for FHM!

[The Guardian]

Image via FHM