Don’t Worry, This Little French Boy Will Make You Feel Better

I’ve been spending the last few days reading essays that were published after 9/11, thinking about how deep the rift in my life is, between my childhood until September 11, 2001, and my adolescence and adulthood after. I’ve been wondering what life is going to be like for French kids, now, because I know how wrought and divisive and cynical and scared American culture and politics became after 2001.

But, tears, because this interview with a little French boy and his dad seems pretty hopeful. He’s scared, but, his dad points out, the flowers and candles people are setting down at a vigil are what protects us: Our community and our solidarity. It might seem, or be, saccharine and cliché to say that, but whatever. Just like that little boy, it makes me feel better.


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