Watch Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett Wander Through A Barnes And Noble, Like All Lovers Do, In New Holiday Ad

It’s not even Thanksgiving yet, and already the spectre of the holiday season looms like a thundercloud full of tinsel and good tidings, ready to unleash at any moment.  There are red cups at Starbucks! The tree is up in Rockefeller Center! I walked past a Duane Reade like two weeks ago and saw bags of red and green M&Ms lined up as if ready to do battle, and it was 70 degrees out! It is this world that brings us Lady Gaga and Tony Bennet strolling through a Barnes and Noble singing “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” that old holiday chestnut about consent and flirty DMs.

It’s cute and refreshing to see Lady Gaga no longer wearing dresses made of meat, sidling her way through the aisles, touching books. It’s cute to see an old-as-hell Tony Bennett in a scarf warbling his part, looking remarkably well-preserved. Their old person/young person friendship vibe is charming. Though, as Carl Williot at Idolator pointed out, the demographic segment that this ad is intended to reach seems…muddled at best.

Is it for your grandma who secretly loves “Bad Romance”? Your cousin who lives in Milwaukee who sells fake Louboutins on Instagram? The Grinch? A Salvation Army Santa who dreams of a different life? Whoever it’s for, it’s kind of endearing, though we know that this creepy-ass holiday jam is fraught for many. Enjoy!