THINX Releases New Line Of “Period Panties” Specifically For Trans Men And Genderqueer Consumers

Inventive and forward thinking company THINX, who recently launched the first ever line of absorbent underwear designed for menstruation, has released a new cut of underwear specifically catered to trans men and non-binary customers.

Last year the company recognized that their tagline”For Women With Periods” was exclusionary to customers who didn’t identify as women: whether it be trans men not undergoing consistent testosterone, or people who identify outside of the gender binary but still regularly menstruate.

The new line comes in a boy cut style and has been modeled on both women and trans men, showcasing itself as a versatile and comfortable answer to their original line of bikini-cut panties.

Lingerie and underwear companies in the past have ignored the needs and realities of trans people, marketing and designing underwear rigidly for cis-bodies, and marketing styles and cuts that usually fall within a predictable binary. It’s only been in recent years with renewed mainstream spotlight on trans issues, that people have garnered support to launch multiple well-known lines specifically for trans and genderqueer people, including DIY Bullet Briefs and Chrysalis, which cater to trans women.

You can check out the THINX website, specifically their new line here.