Sarah Palin Weighs In On Bristol’s Unplanned Pregnancies, Katie Couric’s Newspaper Question

This weekend, CBS Sunday Morning sent a correspondent Tracy Smith alllllll the way to Alaska for a puff piece on Sarah Palin! Because sure, why not? She’s relevant! Sort of!

In addition to the requisite tour of Palin’s garage refrigerator where she keeps all of her moose meat, Smith also asked Palin about a few touchy subjects–namely the infamous Katie Couric interview and her daughter Bristol’s two pregnancies.

Contrary to her long-time stance that Katie Couric’s question about what newspapers and magazines she reads was an unfair “gotcha” question designed to make her look stupid–like anyone knows what newspapers and magazines they read!–Palin now says that the question was a fair one, and that her answer to it was bad. However, she thinks it’s unfair for people to look at that interview and think she’s stupid. Especially when they could look at the 80 million things she’s said since then and come to that same conclusion.

Smith also asked her about Bristol’s second unplanned, out-of-wedlock pregnancy, which is always an exciting topic. According to Palin, it’s totally fine for Bristol to have sex outside of marriage and get pregnant because “Well, the cool thing about putting your faith in God, is he certainly is a God of second chances and third and fourth and fifth chances.”

These “chances” must only be for conservatives, because Bristol herself is still pretty damned judgy about other young women getting on birth control without their parents being notified. I’m still curious about whether or not Bristol notified her mother that she was having sex without it!

Palin then went on and on about her admiration for single mothers. Perhaps it might behoove her to pass that on to some of her contemporaries, who still seem to believe that single mothers are pretty much leading to the downfall of society as a whole.

That’s the thing about these people. They’re all about forgiveness and whatnot when it’s their lives. They’re not quite capable of seeing the nuance in the lives of others, and are thus quick to condemn anyone not in their circle.

When asked about whether or not she’s been a divisive figure, Palin said that she’s “just saying what a lot of people are thinking!” which is always the last refuge of people who say incredibly crappy things out loud. Then she talked about how the great thing about her and Donald Trump is that they’re not “politically correct,” which is another common way of justifying acting like a giant asshole.

At the end of the interview, Smith and Palin wandered outside and stared at the Alaska skyline and noted that it was full of “silver linings.” Then, I barfed.