Here’s A Look At The Cast Of “The Wiz” Featuring Uzo Aduba’s Beautiful Glow

December is just around the corner, and with it comes the premiere of “The Wiz”, a “live television event” that will hopefully bring the beloved musical to life on TV without ruining its precious, beautiful memory. Entertainment Weekly has some pictures of Common, Queen Latifah and Uzo Aduba, who will star in the show, which will hopefully work out for the best and not be a total fucking disaster.

I mean. Look at Uzo up there, shining. She looks so good! She looks so joyful! This is what Glinda The Good Witch should always look like. Good and golden and glowy and full of light. Check out Queen Latifah’s strong contour game over at Entertainment Weekly, and remember to gather your friends, family and loved ones to watch this beautiful nightmare unfold on December 4th.

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