Patti LaBelle Calls Man Who Raved About Her Pie, The Internet Rejoices

Patti Labelle superfan, James Wright Chanel gives thanks in less than ordinary ways.  The singer praised Patti LaBelle’s new line of sweet potato pies through song on YouTube. LaBelle’s pies, which are sold at Walmart, and have since been selling like hot cakes…er hot pies rather.

Chanel sang “If Only You Knew,” “Isn’t It A Shame,” and “When You’ve Been Blessed” in honor of LaBelle’s pies which prompted a call from Patti herself to James! It’s really the best praise of a product you could ask for. Free marketing amirite?

Watch this masterpiece:


LaBelle also shared James’s video review on her Facebook page, giving it over 6 million views by now.

Amazing! Now I really want some Patti LaBelle pie for breakfast tbqh.