Stock Model Mystery: Why Are These Ladies Bathing In Watermelons And Milk?

Here at The Frisky, we spend a pretty decent amount of time going through stock photos — and we come across some pretty weird ones. Like this one Amelia once found of a woman putting mustard and a hot dog bun on some guy’s dick. We spend a lot of time in our chat cave wondering how said photos came into existence, who thought they were a good idea and what their actual purpose is.

Yesterday, I happened to notice that there are a large amount of stock photos available of women bathing in watermelons and milk. Which is not a thing I’ve ever done. I mean, SURE, I really liked this one bath bomb Lush used to have called “Chelsea Garden” that had a ton of purple-y flower petals in it and kinda made me feel like I was the Lady of Shallot or Dead Ophelia for a hot minute¬†until I had to deal with a clogged drain afterwards — but I have not ever bathed with fruit, least of all watermelon. Bath bombs, sure. Olive oil, sure. But never have I thought to make a Robyn Sangria in the tub.

But apparently, these ladies have, and I’m not quite sure why. I haven’t ever thought of watermelon and milk being things that go together, or as watermelon being a thing that is good for your skin. My current theory on this is that there is some photographer with a SERIOUS fetish for watermelon and milk? I don’t know. Take a look and tell us what you think!