Ben Carson Is Just Like A Child Molester, Says Donald Trump

A couple weeks ago, I wrote an article in which I innocently pondered whether or not Ben Carson was, in fact, a psychopath. I maintain that he is one, but then again, I’m also kind of a Commie! Thus, I was quite surprised to find that Donald Trump, who is definitely not a Commie, has now gone a step further and suggested that Ben Carson is perhaps a lot like a child molester during a rather unhinged speech in Iowa.

Trump suggests that because Carson referred to his bad temper — which led him to go after his mother with a hammer — as being pathological. Trump took that to the nth degree and suggested that it was similar to the way child molesters are pathological, in that they can never be cured, but can only be dealt with in a few ways:

“If you’re pathological—there’s no cure for that, folks. There’s no cure for that. If you’re a child molester—a sick puppy—a child molester, there’s no cure for that. There’s only one cure, we don’t want to talk about that cure. That’s the ultimate cure. Well, there’s death, and there’s the other thing.”

The other thing = castration, I assume? Strong stance, there! Not a place I would go, personally, because I don’t really believe in invoking child molesting when talking about anyone who isn’t an actually child molester. But I probably wouldn’t do most things Donald Trump would do.

The rest of Trump’s speech involved a lot of talk about winning and also making all of his logistically impossible and overly simplistic dreams come true. Like how he is going to “unify” the nation and put a stop to all these protests at colleges and the “problems in Baltimore” by being a “great cheerleader” for the country and talking a lot about how great America is. You know, because the only reason people are mad about systemic racism and police violence is because they don’t hear enough about how great America is.