Twerpy Missouri Lawmaker Claims Student Researching Abortion Restrictions Is Breaking The Law

Missouri state Sen. Kurt Schaefer (R-Turdsville) is up in arms over a Mizzou grad student’s thesis. Why? Because she intends to study the effects of the state’s terrible abortion-restricting law requiring women to wait 72 hours after asking for an abortion to obtain one.

Proponents of these laws say that they are for the benefit of women, who otherwise might just go all crazy hormonal and have an abortion on a whim and then realize later that they really actually did want the baby. Which actually isn’t a thing that happens! In fact, statistically, barely any women who have abortions come to regret them.

The actual purpose of these laws is to make it harder to get an abortion. Duh. We’re not stupid, we know what they’re for and to pretend otherwise is just absurd.

Anyway, Sen. Schaefer is VERY UPSET about this because the University of Missouri is a STATE SCHOOL, and if she does this research it means that the school itself is supporting abortions, and that is against another stupid law Missouri has! That law is that no public funding can go towards encouraging a woman to have an abortion that is “not necessary to saving her life.”

Although that law is stupid in and of itself, a student conducting a study on the effects of a law is not exactly doing that anyway. Even if she discovered (which she likely will) that the laws were harmful, that doesn’t mean she’s “encouraging” women to have abortions. These are not, in any way, the same thing.

For what it’s worth, no one — not even Planned Parenthood — is going around “encouraging” women to have abortions. The point is that it’s about having a choice.

To boot, this is obviously a violation of academic freedom. The government doesn’t get to tell students what they’re allowed to write a thesis on. You would think that a freedom loving Republican like Schaefer would hate this sort of government interference! And he does!

Except when it’s in opposition to a law he really, really, really, really likes.

I hate to be cynical here, but quite frankly, Sen. Schaefer shouldn’t even be worried about this. It’s not like the people who voted for this law voted for it because they thought it was actually a good thing for women or anything, or because any kind of study suggested it was a good idea. They voted for it to make it harder for women to get abortions. These are not people who are going to be swayed by studies or facts, or women saying “Hey, we’d really like it if you’d just trust us with our own medical decisions!”

OH. And in case you were wondering, because I know I was–there’s no waiting period to get a gun in Missouri! So they’re not as worried about someone going off half-cocked and buying a gun and going and murdering a live person, as they are about making sure a woman seeking an abortion is as inconvenienced as humanly possible. GOOD TIMES.

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