Trump “Shocked” By Clinton’s Hairdo – As Well He Should Be!

Yesterday, Donald Trump told conservative radio host Mark Levin that he was shocked by Hillary Clinton’s new hairdo. As well he should be! Take a look at this:

hillary hairdo up yours trump

That’s right – earlier this week, Hillary Clinton was spotted at a rally in New Hampshire with a gravity-defying hairdo, intricately braided atop her head into the words “UP YOURS TRUMP.” Levin and Trump speculated that this had to be a wig, but sources tell me otherwise.*

Them’s fightin’ braids! We tried to reach out to Trump for comment, but his campaign staff said he was too scandalized by Clinton’s hair to get out from under his Snuggie today.**


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*None of this is true. I Photoshopped this picture.

**Also not true. The only true thing here is that Trump called Clinton’s hair “shocking” on a radio talk show.