Just Look At This Asshole: Homophobic Judge Takes Foster Kid Away From Lesbian Couple

Meet Utah’s own 7th District Court Juvenile Judge Scott Johansen! He’s a real piece of work, let me tell you. He recently forced married couple Beckie Peirce and April Hoagland to give up their infant foster daughter. Why? Because he doesn’t think gay people should be allowed to be parents.

In his decision, he told the couple that he had seen “research” that proved to him that children are better off in heterosexual homes. However, he declined to provide that research. Possibly because the largest study to date on children raised by same-sex couples shows that those children actually do a bit better than children raised by heterosexual couples. WHOOPS.

Peirce and Hoagland are understandably quite upset — the girl’s biological mother had actually asked them to adopt her, which they were planning on doing.

Via Salt Lake Tribune:

The couple, who are also raising Peirce’s 12- and 14-year-old biological children, hired an attorney Wednesday and will fight to keep the girl, whom they say has fit seamlessly into their family.

“We have a lot of support,” Peirce said. “DCFS wants us to have the child, the Guardian Ad Litem wants us to have the child, the mother wants us to have the child, so the only thing standing in the way is the judge.”

Johansen’s order gives DCFS seven days to find the child a new home.

The DCFS says they plan to review Johansen’s order, and if they determine that this is not what’s best for the child (which obviously it is not), they say they plan to appeal. Given that Peirce and Hoagland seem like wonderful, loving parents, and there is no law on the books or judicial precedent in Utah,preventing same-sex couples from adopting, this seems likely to happen. It’s quite obvious that Johansen’s order stems from his own personal prejudices and is more about that than about the law or the child’s best interests.

Johansen was previously reprimanded for “demeaning the judicial office” after slapping a 16-year-old kid who got “belligerent” with him during a meeting. So I’m not really sure he’s the guy you want making decisions about what’s best for children.

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