HOT TIP: Don’t Write Rude Notes In The Place Of A Tip On Your Reciept

Every month or so, there’s a new viral story about some charming human being who left a snide note instead of a tip on a receipt at a restaurant. This week, some newlywed lady who was at a restaurant with her husband decided that, in lieu of a tip, she should probably write, “He’s my husband! Find your own! Good luck! :).”

This, as you might imagine, was a poor idea. The server, Jessica — who is ALSO actually married to another server at the restaurant–responded on Facebook with an open letter and a picture of the receipt. Before the post was deleted, it had over 50,000 shares. Why?

Because the customer who wrote this little receipt note is the exact kind of person the world loves to hate.

First of all, people who don’t tip are jerks! This is a fact. There is literally no way of defending your lack of tipping in a way that is not going to make someone go “Wow! You’re an asshole!” Please note that to this day, though many have tried, no one has managed to write a defense of not tipping servers who are paid less than the minimum wage that has come across as anything but utterly repulsive and disconcertingly crappy. It cannot be done. I mean, you can defend your stance on this all you want, but there’s pretty much nothing you can say about not tipping that makes you seem like an appealing person.

Now, if not tipping in the first place is rude and crappy, I think probably everyone can agree that leaving a weird rude note in place of a tip is even worse. To boot, thanks to the internet, it is likely that lots of people will see your weird rude note should the server upload it to social media. It’s also possible that some of your friends, acquaintances and co-workers might figure out who you are, and be rightfully appalled and horrified by you.

The lady who wrote this note likely thought she was totally teaching this server a lesson. I’ll show her! she probably thought. That’ll keep that hussy from trying to steal my man! However, that is just not a good look for anyone other than Dolly Parton, and now this random lady is a bona fide internet villain.

Think about it – the absolute best case scenario on your end is that, by leaving your snide note, you ruin someone’s day and make them feel like shit. And if that is a thing you actually enjoy doing, you probably have worse issues than being a non-tipper that you might want to examine. The worst case scenario is that they post the receipt with your name attached, and then everyone you know finds out that you’re an asshole! This woman is lucky that her server is a nicer person than I am, because I for sure would have posted her name.