Dictionary.com Just Added A Gender-Neutral Alternative To “Mr.” And “Mrs.”

Yesterday, I went to the endodontist (“Double root canal! Whoa!”) and, filling out the paperwork, came across a problem that’s been more pronounced since I came out as genderqueer. Beyond the boxes for “M” and “F,” on which I grudgingly mark “F” in case my endodontist badly needs to know whether or not I have a menstrual cycle, there’s the question: Shall we call you Mr., Mrs., Ms., or Miss?

I’ve taken to crossing out all of the options, first of all because I really don’t need any honorifics attached to my name (I mean, come on, hi, I’m just Rebecca) and more importantly because all of those titles are gendered in a way that I am not.

But, here’s some cool beans: If I did want to be addressed by a title and my last name, there’s an option. On Tuesday, Dictionary.com added the title “Mx.” as a part of a new batch of words, a gender-neutral honorific that’s pronounced “mix,” appropriately enough. The “x,” apparently, stands for an unknown quantity, like in math. Neat!

And, TIME points out, this is not only good for people who are bigender, gender-neutral, gender-fluid, and genderqueer, it’s also good for people who might identify as cis or trans but who just don’t really care enough about their gender for it to be a big part of their identity.

I may have a lot of questions remaining about transitioning, but this news, at least, answers one of them. That’s Mx. Brink, if you’re nasty!


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