Here’s A Beautiful Friendship Between A Teenager And A Potato That Looks Like A Baby

Roberta Bernardo, a 19-year old Brazilian teen and student, went to the grocery store on Wednesday, where she found a potato that, according to BuzzFeed, looked a little bit like a baby with tiny arms. So, she did what you do when confronted with an anthropomorphic root vegetable that looks kind of like a tiny pig/baby: dress it up in tiny clothes and put it on the internet.

Hoje eu tava no mercado aí eu vi essa batata e ela era tão fofa então eu trouxe ela pra casa e lavei e vesti. Eu amo minha batata.

Posted by Roberta Bernardo on Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Why is this appealing? I don’t know! Put anything in tiny clothes, be it a potato or a honey-baked ham, and honestly, you have a winner. The potato, Amiga Batata, has a fan page because this is how things work today, and she seems to be handling fame like a champ.