What Does It Feel Like To Walk In A Victoria’s Secret Show? Apparently Not Much

Yesterday, the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show took place. Who knew? Not me, because I’m loath to wear a bra.

Also yesterday, Microsoft introduced a facial recognition tool that guesses your emotions. If you put these two momentous events together, you get this blog post, because I used the emotion recognition tool to see how exactly it is that the Victoria’s Secret models felt about being on the runway.

Buckle in for a not very wild ride and peruse the gallery below for the results:

I aggregated my findings and turned them into a pie chart to find out, once and for all, how it feels to be a runway model for Victoria’s Secret. “Intensely neutral” seems to be our answer:


What did we learn from this? Not a lot. But what did you expect? You’re reading about a lingerie show on the internet.

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