The Internet Photoshopped Starbucks’ “War On Christmas” Coffee Cups

The Internet got their Photoshoppy paws all over the new holiday Starbucks cup, and I gotta say, they made some improvements.

In the wake of accusations that Starbucks’ minimalist holiday cups were meant to signify a “war on Christmas” (COME ON), less bananas members of the Internet have redesigned the cups to poke fun at the whole stupid uproar. If you want to see an example of the whole stupid uproar, watch this guy. Once your eyes have rolled out of your face, peruse our favorite (including my own, above!) revised Starbucks holiday cups.


Credit: Kale Bogdanovs


Credit: Weird Al


Credit: Cara the Corpse via Mashable


Credit: Queerty


Credit: Imgur


Credit: Queerty