Hero Woman Refuses To Stop Reading During Trump Rally

Yesterday, bloviating wad of shower drain hair and current GOP presidential contender Donald Trump had a campaign appearance in Springfield, Illinois. Plenty of his supporters were on hand, but one woman in particular stuck out. Watch above, in a Vine captured by Vic Berger, as this heroic no fucks to give woman downright refuses to put down her book (believed to be Claudia Rankine’s Citizen) during Trump’s speech, despite being tapped on the shoulder by one of Trump’s supporters. How dare he!

The woman had apparently been busying herself with anything but offering Trump her rapt attention, including chatting with the person next to her and checking her phone. I can’t imagine she’s a Trump fan given her lack of interest in the garbage spilling out of his mouth, so I can only surmise she was dragged there by someone else or purposefully sat behind the podium to create a distraction. Regardless, she is the best and I would sooner vote for her than that racist squirrel pelt. [Jezebel]