Look, A Robot Toddler Baby Learning How To Stand

When we are all old and infirm, slowly zooming around the nursing home in our hoverboard Jazzy scooters, wishing in vain that our grandkids visited us more often, we will be tended to not by human orderlies but by robots. They are coming for us and however you feel about it is pointless because we all have to accept our fate, so get on board.

This nightmare comes courtesy of Vanity Fair and Igor Mordatch, an enterprising post-doc at UC Berkeley. He worked for two years on an algorithm that closely mimics the way that the human brain learns, and created a Darwin, a robot that will hopefully learn things just like a human toddler baby does. After this adorable toddler made of whirring parts and metal learns to grab things and use its little hands, Mordatch hopes that he/she/it will learn how to walk by itself, something that robots can’t do quite yet.

This is fine if you’re comforted by the fact that the cold, buzzing hands of a robot will be gently urging you to flip over to avoid bedsores when you’re in the home, but less fine if you’d prefer your old-person diaper changed by the touch of a real human hand. Welcome to the singularity. [Vanity Fair]