Watch A Excited Amy Sedaris Run Through A Shondaland Obstacle Course While Billy Eichner Yells

Shonda Rhimes, unassailable queen of ABC’s Thursday night lineup and overall badass, is so inspiring that I don’t think it would be out of line to give her her own nationally-recognized bank holiday. Until that dream is realized, however, please consider this clip of a wonderfully deranged Billy Eichner coaching a down-as-hell Amy Sedaris wearing a Go-Pro and a helmet through a Shondaland obstacle course.

Watch in awe as Amy bursts through the glass ceiling, fucks a nurse on top of a dying woman, ascends Wig Mountain to deliver Kerry Washington’s hairpiece to her hairdresser, Dorian(“His name’s Dorian, of course it is”), and then weave her way through an orgy of gratuitous gay sex and a crowd of white people patting themselves on the back for accepting a black lead on a television show.

“It’s like a gay ‘American Ninja Warrior’!!!” shrieks the easily excitable Eichner, as he prepares to launch himself down a waterslide powered by Kerry Washington’s tears. It’s Shonda’s world, people. Get used to it. It’s handled.