“RHOC” Douche Brooks Ayers Lied About Cancer Treatments, Hospital Says

Did you guys watch this most recent season of “The Real Housewives of Orange County”? Because if you didn’t, you missed out and you should DVR that shit immediately, because it was the best season with Vicki Gunvalson’s newest face. See, the bulk of the season centered around Vicky and her boyfriend Brooks Ayers, who the rest of the cast, Vicki’s daughter Brianna and the viewers already determined to be a douche of the highest order — I know that doesn’t sound like a reason to watch, however, it was Vicki and Brooks’s attempt at garnering sympathy with a suspicious cancer diagnosis that made it must watch TV. (They’ve since split.) While the show never officially confirmed that Ayers’ alleged cancer was bullshit, and his biggest critics haven’t been able to provide rock solid proof, the hospital where Ayers claimed to have received cancer treatments IS now calling his bluff.

Ayers for the most part was very vague about his cancer diagnosis and treatments on the show, though Vicki was constantly beating the “Brooks is fighting for his life!!!!” drum while at the same time acting very huffy about having his privacy violated. But as the other women pressed him (and dug around) for details, he finally named California’s City of Hope Hospital as the place where he had received chemotherapy for Stage-4 Non Hodgkins Lymphoma. Later, as the season went on and rumors continued to swirl, Ayers went on a bit of a media blitz, and then provided “proof” to E! News in the form of a hospital bill. Too bad it might as well have been made out of craft paper, glitter and those yummy-smelling markers, because City of Hope is denying that Ayers has been a patient of theirs. E! News reports:

A representative for the City of Hope reveals to E! News exclusively that the “Real Housewives of Orange County” star was never treated for cancer at their facility. Ayers’ representative has denied to comment.

During the show’s three-part reunion special, Gunvalson denied being involved in any sort of cancer hoax, saying that she believed Ayers’ had cancer — but she then admitted she was no longer sure. I’m not entirely convinced Vicki wasn’t involved in developing what is almost certainly a massive lie, but at the very least, she didn’t want to believe he would lie about such a thing and therefore looked the other way. After all, if he did have cancer, she could use that to build sympathy for him; but if he was lying, well, not only would she not be able to get sympathy for him, but she’d have to FINALLY FUCKING DUMP HIM as well. As for Brooks? What an idiotic lunatic! Who goes on a reality TV show and fakes stage-4 cancer and thinks they’ll actually get away with it?

The answer is someone who makes for great TV. Sure hope he’s back next season! [Gawker]