Kim Kardashian Will Release A “Holiday” Version Of Selfish Featuring Maybe A Few New Photos

Earlier this year, Kimberly Noel Kardashian, our unwitting cultural lodestar, collected a bunch of her best work (pictures of her face) into an art book called Selfish. The book, a collection of Kim’s experimentation with angles, expressions and careful arm positioning, is an astonishing cultural artifact and a perfect study in the art of the selfie. And because nothing says “Happy Holidays” like buckets of cash being dumped into your bank account, Kim is releasing a “holiday” version of “Selfish.”

This news was dropped on Vogue’s podcast (what?) with Andre Leon Talley, which was thirteen beautiful minutes of inanity. When asked by Talley about what other literary aspirations she might have, Kardashian replied:

“I’m going to do a holiday edition with just a new picture on the cover. There might be a few more photos inside.”

Just so you understand completely: She’s releasing a holiday version of her book with a new picture on the cover and possibly a few more photos inside. If you choose to purchase this item for your Aunt Grace or your next door neighbor or your work secret Santa, you will be purchasing the exact same book you could’ve purchased before, but with a “new picture” on the cover. With maybe, if you’re lucky, some new photos inside. Kimberly Kardashian West, you’re something else.  [Vulture]