Angelina Jolie Needs You To Know That “By The Sea” Isn’t About Her Marriage, Capisce?

Angelina Jolie is running PR for her marriage in the course of also running PR for she and Brad Pitt’s new movie, “By the Sea.” The film is about a couple fighting and falling apart, basically, and she just wants everyone to know that it’s not about her marriage, got it?

She told the Telegraph, “Brad and I have our issues, but if the characters were even remotely close to our problems we couldn’t have made the film. To be clear: we have fights and problems like any other couple. We have days when we drive each other absolutely mad and want space, but the problems in the movie aren’t our specific problems.”

Filming sounds like it was complicated – Jolie wrote, acted in, and directed in the film. For example, she said, “In the bathtub scene, being naked in a bath trying to direct the camera crew with my husband outside the room through a microphone was just weird.” She added that she used the film as an opportunity to help Pitt learn French by writing several scenes in French.

She says she hopes everyone who sees the film walks away with something different. For herself and Pitt, it was an exercise for their marriage: “These were very sensitive themes and I know Brad’s triggers and what he can do and what he is thinking about so I had to step away and just be very careful in how he was directed,” she said. “I tried to give him a safe space and tell him to trust me and I would do my best to protect him in the editing room if he would be as open and give me as much of himself and his emotions and his honesty, and he did. I think he worked very hard.”

“By the Sea” will be in theaters December 11.


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