Alec Baldwin Acknowledges Daughter Ireland’s Sexuality In Interview With Amy Schumer

Alec Baldwin’s interview with Amy Schumer for his NPR show “Here’s The Thing” was weird. In the Nov. 9 episode, Baldwin seemed uncomfortably flirtatious and eager to discuss sex, and fawned over everything Schumer said, no matter how mundane. When Schumer told him she planned to travel to Spain soon, Baldwin’s guffaws would have made you think she INVENTED Spain. She’s just going there! Calm your dick down!

However, one of Baldwin’s asides was surprisingly enlightened, and was the highlight of the interview. He asked Schumer if she’s straight (she is), but then mentioned his daughter—presumably Ireland Baldwin, his 20-year-old daughter with Kim Basinger—that she’s attracted and has sex with people, not genders. Then he adds, “She slept with somebody who is a woman.”

Why do I dig this so much? Because what baby boomer men are able thoughtfully discuss their daughters’ sexuality?! LIKE, ZERO. And when dads can’t admit that their daughters are sexual, it sustains the pattern of men filing women into two groups: sex ones and non-sex ones. But Baldwin proves he’s a little more evolved. He’s okay acknowledging that like dying and pooping, everybody goes to Bone Town sometimes.

Kudos, Baldwin. You’re a bizarre human, but you got this one right. [Here’s The Thing]