10 Reasons Gabby Douglas & Simone Biles Have Me Pumped For The 2016 Olympics

If you hear the names Simone Biles or Gabby Douglas and your first response is “who dat?” I have words for you. Who are they? Why, only most kick ass chicks in the world gymnastics. They have both tumbled, flipped, vaulted and balanced their way to multiple titles and gold medals, making them two of the biggest contenders in the sport. Quite obviously, I’m a mega fan and by the end of this post, you should be too!

Simone Douglas, 18, is a Black female gymnast of an Olympic caliber rarely seen in the sport. The Columbus, Ohio native began her career at the 2011 American Classic in Huntsville, Texas, where she placed third all around. Since then, she’s racked up the awards of a wunderkind, stunning audiences earlier this year at the American Cup. From the looks of it, Simone is only getting started and she’s already raised the bar for her competitors to meet.

On the other end of the mat is her pioneering peer Gabby Douglas. Gabby is 19, also Black and has already cemented a name for herself by winning two golds for the U.S. Women’s Gymnastics team at the 2012 Summer Olympics. So if you’ve been living under a rock, here are 10 reasons Gabby and Simone are the two women to watch in the upcoming Summer 2016 Olympic Games.

1. Gabby Douglas is the first African-American woman in Olympic history to win the individual all-around gold medal. How did she do it, you ask? With badass moves like these:


2. Douglas is also the first African-American woman and the first American gymnast to win gold in both the Individual All-Around and Team competitions during the same Olympics. Check this shit out:


3. Douglas is the first African-American woman and the first American All-Around champion to win multiple gold medals. Look at her FLY:


4. Speaking of which, they don’t call Gabby Douglas “The Flying Squirrel” for nothing. Scores be damned! There is simply something mesmerizing about inverted gravity-defying acrobatics. Gabby practically levitates upside down. Just watch:


5. Gabby Douglas has charm and knows how to have fun. Look at her do the Dougie:


6. Simone Biles is unequivocally a tour de force within gymnastics, who has elevated herself to the most decorated American female gymnast in World Championship history. If you’re feeling a little like an underachiever, maybe don’t look at this gif:


7. Simone Biles has been throwing down obscene scores for some of gymnastics most difficult routines. In March, Biles competed at the American Cup and stole the show with performances that earned a 62.299, practically 4.5 points ahead of her closest competitor. For the record, and in case you don’t know how that ranks on the score sheet, a 4.5 point lead qualifies as “unheard of.”


8. Biles is the first African-American World All-Around gold medalist. She’s also the first to win that title three times consecutively.


9. Speaking of winning, Biles has won a total of 14 medals. Ten of those medals are gold. Consider the market cornered.


10. Simone Biles dares to make perfection a little more perfect. See?