University Of Missouri President Resigns After Snidely Dismissing Racist Incidents On Campus

Tim Wolfe, the president of the University of Missouri, has officially handed in his resignation amid student led protests regarding his grossly negligent “handling” of a series of racist incidents on campus. However, it’s likely he wasn’t moved quite as much by the protests themselves, the petition with 7,000 signatures or even one student’s hunger strike, as he was by the fact that more than 30 of the school’s black football players went on strike this weekend and refused to play until he resigned. Because, duh, follow the money.

Wolfe had responded to the incidents–which, charmingly, included a swastika being painted in feces on a dorm wall–by essentially placing the blame on students themselves. In this video, he suggests that students somehow brought “systematic oppression” upon themselves.

Unsurprisingly, Wolfe managed to be dismissive of students concerns in his resignation speech, stating “This is not the way change comes about. We stopped listening to each other,” in reference to the recent student protests. You know, because things would be so much better if we just listened to people who paint swastikas in feces on people’s walls instead of getting all bent out of shape about it!

However, by the mere fact of his resignation, he is admitting that protests like these are, indeed, the way that change comes about. Shockingly, it does not usually come about by ignoring things and pretending that everything is OK.