“Never Liked It Anyway” Will Resell That Crap From Your Ex And Help You Get Back Out There, You Minx

The end of a relationship leaves you with emotional and physical detritus — plane tickets, dresses you never wore, weird piles of books and stationary that were never your taste anyway. But, what if you could turn the physical manifestation of your shitty relationship into cold, hard cash that you could spend on a bottle of Jameson or your electric bill? Enter Never Liked It Anyway, a service that lets you sell all the junk that you’re left with after a relationship is over.

It was launched in 2011 by Bella Acton, a marketing consultant who saw a clear need for the kind of service that will let you sell your wedding dress or that gifted Alexander Wang tee that is definitely not you, all with the support of a community of people going through the same thing. The site operates much like any other online reseller, but with a twist. Each item you upload comes with its own special breakup provenance, including your personal “bounce back plan,” which is ostensibly what you’ll do with the money once you sell that thing and get it out of your house and life forever.

Here’s a mink shawl being sold by a jilted lover whose girlfriend left him for some dude. Here’s a giant, beautiful Chanel leather tote. Here are a few engagement rings, if you want to propose to your girl but don’t have the scratch for something new. Reuse, recycle, right?

If you don’t have or want to sell your stuff, there’s also a blog that provides helpful advice for those who are suffering. And, if you want to just sink further into the butt-shaped hole in your couch, fuck it all and order a Bounce Back box, which comes with fun stuff like vibrators and lipstick and Match.com coupons to force you back out of your musty apartment and into the light.