14 Cute And Cool Ways To Free The Nipple

Boobs are truly having a moment. Not to say that our beloved jugs have ever been off-trend, but it’s undeniable that there’s been a surprising perky interest in boobs over the past year. From apparel to fashion accessories to home products and beyond, breasts have become a hot commodity.

Breasts, which have so long been associated with the likes of a vulgar Penthouse spread or crude porn, are now replaced by illustrated naked whimsy that feel more like our girls—in all their misshapen, saggy, floppy, and bouncy glory. And it’s these types of tits that we should feel empowered to bare all in public.

So to celebrate the wondrous female form, we’ve rounded up 15 boob-themed items that shamelessly free the nipple in tasteful ways. Whether you’re into charming hand-drawn tits or tiny nude sculptures, consider purchasing these boob items as a reminder to fully embrace the skin you’re in.

need supply

True fact: Let this T-shirt show that most boobs are not the same shape or size. Need Supply, $32

group partner

Think outside the (tan)lines. Universal Isaac Tanline Pot, $65

erica weiner

Keep these boobs close to your heart (and close to your actual boobs, too). Erica Weiner Fertility Amulet Necklace, $45


Here’s a twin pin set that would perk nicely on that jean jacket collar. Etsy Twin Boobies Pin, $14

gopishah ceramics

Nipples galore on these ceramic tumblers. Gopi Shah Tumbler, $40


A crocheted boob pillow takes Grandma’s favorite hobby to a whole new level. Etsy Boob Pillow, $65

cold picnic

Shower time is naked time. Cold Picnic Private Parts Rug, $264.


A ceramic boob to stash all your dainty jewelry. Takawei Boob Jewel Box, $75

gravel and gold towel

A boob-tastic bath towel to wrap your naked body in. Gravel and Gold Boobs Towel, $85

object and totem

One could say that this coffee mug comes with its own side of milk. Object and Totem Milkmaid Mug,  $50

leah goren

A nudist colony, but in shirt form. Leena Goren Silk Blouse, $110

rachel comey

A boob purse that also puts its ass into it. Rachel Comey, $247.50

francine dressler

For high impact, lay this boob necklace atop a simple black T-shirt. Francine Dressler Boobie Necklace, $48


Here’s a way to expose yourself (and get away with it). Leah Goren Lady Pin, $15