Donald Trump Ends Up Hosting ‘Saturday Night Live’ Amid Protests

Before Donald Trump was set to host “Saturday Night Live” on Saturday night, 200 protesters gathered outside of SNL headquarters at 30 Rockefeller Center to protest the presidential candidate’s upcoming role on the show.

The majority of the protesters were representing Latino groups. Signs being held read “#racismisntfunny” and “Dump Trump.”

Despite these protests, NBC decided to keep him on as host.

In his opening monologue, the Republican presidential candidate was joined by two other Trump impersonators for a bit on “being able to take a joke.”

Throughout the show, various sketches made fun of Trump with him being in on the jabs. Comedy can heal but for some it wasn’t done the right way. It’s one thing to make fun of him, it’s another to still prop him up.

What are your thoughts?