Comedians Create ‘Deleted Scene’ In ‘Suffragette’ To Highlight Racial Issues In Film

Despite the period film Suffragette starring Meryl Streep getting a lot of praise from mainstream media, it has come under scrutiny by many women of color due to serious blind spots particularly in their marketing choices – including its October campaign where Meryl Streep and other cast members wore t-shirts with the slogan “I’d Rather Be A Rebel Than A Slave.” Remember that doozy? Yikes.

As a response, comedian Keisha Zollar along with 3rd Kind Comedy (consisting of Keisha, Ana Defillo, and Kate Moran) created this hilarious “deleted scene” from the movie highlighting how white women got the right to vote WAY before women of color were able to. The film failed to mention this fact, but these gals remind us in a hilarious way.

I think I’m going to just watch this video instead of the actual movie, thank you very much!

H/T Shark Party Media