What If Bernie And Hillary Spoke At An Event With People Who Wanted To Kill Christians?

This weekend, Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee and Bobby Jindal will attend the “National Religious Liberties Conference” in Des Moines, Iowa. The event, as we have previously reported, is hosted by Kevin Swanson–a man who believes gay people should be put to death, as do at least two of the other speakers at the event.

Swanson believes a lot of other bizarre things as well–like that Beyoncé is a demon, that Disney’s “Frozen” was meant to turn little girls into lesbians  and that the United States is about to be on the receiving end of God’s wrath. Right Wing Watch has an amazingly detailed list of all the awful things Swanson and many of the other speakers have said, which I advise you to check out.

However, for now, let’s talk about the whole “putting gay people to death thing”–because I have a question about that. How would we, as a nation, react if Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton attended a conference hosted by someone who believed Christians should be put to death?

This is a question I addressed briefly in my previous article on this subject, but I think it’s something we need to explore further. It’s something we need to think about. It needs to be a question we keep asking. Because this is not just something we can brush off as politicians addressing different groups of people.

Just take a moment and imagine what the reaction would be if Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton spoke at an event hosted by someone who thought that Christians should be put to death. Who had encouraged this practice in other countries–and, in fact, felt that it was in line with their deeply held religious beliefs to support this.

Obviously, it would be on every news station. Pundits on both sides would demand they drop out of the race. We probably wouldn’t be talking about anything else at all right now.

It’s hard to imagine, honestly–because who would even do that? I can’t imagine attending or speaking at an event held by anyone who thought we should be killing anyone! That would be appalling. But, I can tell you that if any Democratic nominee were to attend such a conference, that the nation as a whole would drop it’s damn jaw and be utterly appalled. I would be appalled.

But apparently, it’s somehow OK for three people running to be the President of this country to canoodle with people who think gay people ought to be put to death. Somehow, that’s just not that big a deal. Think about it for a second. That is not normal. That is not acceptable. That is goddamned horrifying.

Now, if you will recall, Republicans and Conservatives were horrified by Obama’s connection to Reverend Jeremiah Wright, particularly due to the following sermon.

And the United States of America government, when it came to treating her citizens of Indian descent fairly, she failed. She put them on reservations. When it came to treating her citizens of Japanese descent fairly, she failed. She put them in internment prison camps. When it came to treating her citizens of African descent fairly, America failed. She put them in chains, the government put them on slave quarters, put them on auction blocks, put them in cotton field, put them in inferior schools, put them in substandard housing, put them in scientific experiments, put them in the lowest paying jobs, put them outside the equal protection of the law, kept them out of their racist bastions of higher education and locked them into positions of hopelessness and helplessness. The government gives them the drugs, builds bigger prisons, passes a three-strike law and then wants us to sing “God Bless America”. No, no, no, not God Bless America. God damn America — that’s in the Bible — for killing innocent people. God damn America, for treating our citizens as less than human. God damn America, as long as she tries to act like she is God, and she is supreme. The United States government has failed the vast majority of her citizens of African descent.

I will tell you, to this day, I do not find a single thing wrong with anything Reverend Wright said, and I happen to think Obama was wrong for distancing himself from him–but conservatives were deeply appalled by it. Apparently, there are just worlds of difference from saying that America is doomed by God because it does things that are actually horrible and wrong, and saying that America is doomed by God because we now allow gay people to get married.

Nothing Reverend Wright said was anything close to as bad as what Kevin Swanson advocates for. He was not advocating for killing anyone. Yet, that was a “scandal” and this is not? Liberal media, my ass.

You know, the whole gist of this conference is that Christians in this country are victims. Victims who are having their religious freedom taken away by not being able to discriminate. Victims who are being oppressed by LGBT people, feminists and “secular progressives.”

That argument falls apart when it’s somehow not a major scandal that GOP Presidential hopefuls are palling around with the guy organizing this thing, who thinks that gay people should be put to death.

It falls apart when you replace “gay people” or “trans people” with “Christians” in any statement these people make and it’s a statement you’ve never heard before in your life.

You’re never going to hear anyone in this country going around saying “Christians should be put to death! Because their religion is against my religion!” or “Everyone! Boycott this Disney movie because it might turn your child into a Christian even though there is literally no evidence that it will do any such thing!” or “I don’t feel comfortable sharing a public bathroom with a Christian! What if they try to convert me? Can’t we just have separate restrooms for those freaks?”

You know what? That’s a good thing! I’m in favor of that! I don’t think anyone should go around saying any of those things! I am glad we live in a society where we don’t say those things about Christians–but we need to get to a point where it’s just as absurd and sick sounding to say them about anyone else.

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