Woman Flaunts Kickass Birthmark After Years Of Hiding It With Makeup

Twenty-year-old Lauren Foster has spent the past 14 years hiding a large birthmark on her face with makeup. The U.K. woman first started covering the port wine stain when she was six-years-old, and began undergoing laser treatments to try to reduce its appearance at just two. As a child, she faced teasing and ignorance from her peers and even her classmates’ parents. When the laser treatments proved themselves to be ineffective, the British Red Cross taught Foster and her family how to use camouflage makeup to make the birthmark disappear. Now, she’s made the decision to wipe off the makeup and share her beautiful face with the world just as it is. She told the Daily Mail:

“…Now I want to show others the real me and not hide away anymore. By showing it off I finally feel like I can be myself…Before I used to cover up with skin camouflage make up but whenever I looked in the mirror it didn’t look right…But now I couldn’t be more proud of my port wine stain because it’s a massive part of who I am, I have more confidence than ever before.”

Foster is giving back to others who are self-conscious about birthmarks or other unique facial features by teaching others how to apply camouflage makeup:

“I’m fortunate to have the confidence to be able to show off my port wine stain, but I know what it’s like to want to hide away. I want to give people the option to use skin camouflage, and when they finally feel ready, they can go make-up free like me. I want others to realize that birthmarks are completely normal.”

I love Foster’s attitude toward the makeup — there’s nothing shameful about feeling more comfortable covering up a physical feature for the time being, just as there’s nothing shameful about any of our physical features in the first place. While not everyone knows exactly how it may feel to go through life with a birthmark like Foster’s (nor shouldn’t anyone who doesn’t have one presume to know), everyone has experienced feelings of dissatisfaction or frustration over some aspect of their appearance. Foster’s reveal is a comforting reminder that we’re all in this together, no matter how alone or self-conscious we may feel. Perhaps we’ll be seeing some YouTube makeup tutorials from Foster in the near future?

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[Image via Caters News Agency]