Sam Smith’s Latest Amy Winehouse Cover Is Gorgeous

Sam Smith has been known to deliver rousing covers of Amy Winehouse songs, but this week, he brought a whole new Amy tune into the mix. He belted a moving rendition of “Love Is A Losing Game” on Annie Mac’s BBC Radio show — talk about soul! He also shared plans to include the cover on the re-release of his album Drowning Shadows and cited the recent documentary about Amy’s life as inspiration to preserve her memory by doing the cover. In light of his recent announcement that he’d be taking a hiatus in the near future, I’m sure fans would be happy for any scrap of music he puts out into the ether before dropping off the face of the earth, but the fact that it’s this song makes it that much more special. For reference, below Sam’s cover is Amy singing it herself — hope you have tissues at the ready.

[Perez Hilton]

[Image via Getty]