Sadists, Watch This Tickle Me Elmo Getting Incinerated By A Jet Engine And Laugh

Some people have majestic hobbies. For Louie at the PowerModz YouTube channel, it’s putting things in front of a jet engine and seeing what happens, and the best of this video series involves a Tickle Me Elmo doll.

This is admittedly not new, but it’s making the internet rounds, because it’s the greatest thing anyone has ever done on YouTube, probably. Watch as Elmo gets literally blown away, returning to his primordial state as a pile of plush dust and a tiny metal heart. I laughed maniacally. What does that say about me?

If you’re looking for more great laughs involving a truck that says, “YUP, THAT’S A JET ENGINE, STAND BACK!” try this video of Louie attempting to walk toward the engine as it runs:

Or this video of the engine cooking bacon (Louie doesn’t eat it, which is disappointing):

This all begs the very important question: Why do I not have this truck in my life?

[h/t Death and Taxes]

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