Russian Politicians Seeking To Criminalize Being Gay In Public

Russian politicians are stepping up anti-gay legislation, building upon their now-infamous “propaganda” law. The original law criminalized any kind of LGBT-accepting public communications, but now members of the country’s Communist party have drafted legislation that would make it illegal to engage in any kind of activity that signals that you’re gay in public. It would carry a sentence of 15 days in prison and a fine.

Ivan Nikitichuk, Communist MP and author of the bill, says that homosexuality “is a huge threat to every normal person, which can affect children or grandchildren, and thus interrupt the race.” In Russia, then, homosexuality itself is being seriously considered as a matter of national security.

Ridiculously, Nikitichuk says that the law will only pertain to gay men. “We believe that women [are] more reasonable and more people are guided by emotions… So far, women are not affected. To respect women,” he explained. So far. I’m sure Russian lesbians are very appreciative of the consideration.

Whereas the propaganda law targeted businesses, organizations, and groups, this new bill is frightening because it targets individuals and effectively outlaws being gay and out. Vladimir Putin claimed, about six weeks ago, that he and the Russian government supported gay rights. It seemed like a lie at the time, but the lie has become more odious and much more dangerous now.


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