Prepare Your Voice, Today Is The First Annual Trans Day Of Screaming

Today is a great day in the history of ideas, because it is the first annual Trans Day of Screaming. A Tumblr user who describes herself as a “19 y/o tranny dyke ancom madhyamika guanyin devotee” (read: 19-year-old transgender lesbian, anarcho-communist, and Buddhist) posted on October 11 that the holiday would take place, and the idea took off.

The point, I think, is that the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance failed on the basis of transphobic claims that trans people using the appropriate bathrooms for their gender would assault cis people. Or that as of July, 21 trans women had been murdered in the U.S. on the basis of their gender identity this year. Or that schools and presidential candidates are telling trans people that they should be separate but equal from cis people. Or that abroad, trans people are getting bombed. Or that transphobes are trying to get an Olympian’s medals revoked because she’s trans. Or that film studios refuse to accurately portray trans history because they’re afraid that cis people won’t like their movies if they do. For every big, public moment of victory for the trans community, there are probably around three big, public moments of discrimination and violence. For every private, personal moment of victory for a trans person, who knows, there are probably twenty moments of discrimination and violence. Sometimes you just have to scream.

There’s a Facebook page for Trans Day of Screaming, in case you want to find people in your area who will be getting together to scream. And, yes, it’s that simple, per the event description on the Facebook event page: “we scream all day.” (Apparently it is not an optional holiday, take heed.)

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