Children Tell Hillary Clinton Why Women Can’t Be President

The most recent stop on Hillary Clinton’s “I’m Not A Robot, I Swear, I Can Connect With The People” tour was last night’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” for a pretty adorable segment in which Jimmy asked four racially diverse and gap-toothed children if a woman could be president.

“Women are too girly, they’ll make girl rules,” says the purple-shirted Jayden, a boy and future autodidact (“I’ll teach myself!”) who later asked Senator Clinton to cancel school if she becomes president.

“If it were girls versus men, I bet the men would win,” said Andrew, leaning back in his chair with the eerie confidence of a man who just made partner.

Sydney and Belle, the two girls, did their best to represent. “I think women are stronger than you!” they said to Jayden, turning the full force of their blossoming misandry towards his small frame.

The whole thing is pretty adorable, if you like children saying things that are alternately funny and depressing.