Who Stole GusGus The Baby Pygmy Goat?!

A baby pygmy goat named GusGus has been reported missing, after disappearing from the petting zoo at the Arizona State Fair in Phoenix yesterday evening. Weighing a mere 5 lbs. (squeeeeeeee!!!!), GusGus is small enough to easily fit under a jacket or inside a purse, according to petting zoo manager Emilie Owen. While the little guy is painfully adorable and the temptation to want to bring him home as a pet is understandable, stealing him away from his mother Custard, who has been crying ever since (SOB) is cruel, especially since the kid needs her milk to survive. The zoo is hopeful that if the thief truly cares about GusGus’s health and happiness, they will come to their senses and bring him back safe and sound — no questions asked. [Newser]