Sia Sure Loves Kids, Karate And Sweeping Emotionality In Her New Video For “Alive”

Sia’s new album, This Is Acting, isn’t out until January, but in the meantime, entertain yourself with another one of her music videos, which naturally features a kid, a wig and this time, karate. The concept of her forthcoming album is songs that she’s written for other people, including your faves Rihanna and Adele. This song, “Alive,” was actually written for Adele, which makes sense if you close your eyes and picture these soaring vocals coming out of the golden throat of She Who Looks Like Aslan But Sings Like An Angel.

The little karate-master is Mahiro Takano, a plucky lil’ thing  who is excellent at what she does and provides much-needed respite from Maddie Ziegler’s contemporary-dance shtick. If I never have to see anyone do this move in a music video again, I will die happy.