Oh Good Lord, Ben Carson Has A Rap Song Now

In some kind of attempt to prove he is hip and with it, Ben Carson’s latest political ad is a rap song. A rap song in which “Carson” is rhymed with “awesome.”

Unfortunately, Carson isn’t doing the rapping himself — that is being done by another guy who calls himself “Aspiring Mogul” and whose YouTube page promises “Republican Music Coming Soon,” but only has one song on it so far, also about Ben Carson.

Basically, the song consists mostly of Aspiring Mogul kind of rapping around a Ben Carson speech that is clearly supposed to be inspiring, but is actually just pretty vague. It does not help that even Carson appears bored by what he’s saying.

“America became a great nation early on not because it was flooded with politicians but because it was flooded with people who understood the value of personal responsibility, hard work, innovation and that’s what will get us on the right track now.”

“I’m very hopeful that I’m not the only one that’s willing to pick up the baton to freedom. Because freedom is not free and we must fight for it every day. Every one of us must fight for us because we are fighting for our children and the next generation.”

This is the sort of bullshit that might actually sound really good if someone with some charisma were saying it. You know, like how Reagan got away with saying nothing, and pretending like movies were real, because he sounded good. Ben Carson, however, has all the oratory skills and vibrance of a science film strip narrator, and cannot quite pull this off to the same effect.

The aim of the ad is to appeal to young black voters by “reaching out and talking to them in a language that they prefer and in a language that, and in a cultural format that they appreciate.” 

In other words:


It’s pretty condescending, when you think about it. Ben Carson thinks all he has to do to appeal to young black voters is to have someone rap over some dumb speech he gave one time, and no one will notice that all of his actual ideas about things are terrible, because he’s so very hip now.

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