Hipster Barbie Is Dead; Long Live Hipster Barbie

Hipster Barbie, the pitch-perfect Instagram parody account that skewered the earnestly twee lifestyle bullshit of Instagram celebs everywhere, is dead. Darby Cisneros, the 20-year-old Portland-native who created the account, is saying farewell to her 1.3 million followers.

“Never in 1 million years did I think it would receive the amount of attention that it did,” she writes, “but because of that it has open the door to a lot of great discussions like: how we choose to present ourselves online, the insane lengths many of us go to create the perfect Instagram life, and calling into question our authenticity and motives.” Hmmmmmm.

Cisneros launched Socality Barbie initially to make fun of the carefully curated perfection of many Instagram lifestyle bloggers. She believes that the account has served its purpose and as a result, we don’t need it anymore.

Much like Essena O’Neill, the reformed Insta-celeb turned clean lifestyle enthusiast, is tearing down the infrastructure of social media celebrity, one Vimeo video at a time, Socality Barbie’s brave decision to shut down her account and unmask the treachery behind social media fame is brave. So brave.

Goodbye, Socality Barbie. We will miss you.