You Can Probably Guess What The “Clitoris Collector” Kept In His Freezer

In September, a Danish gun shop owner living in South Africa named Peter Frederiksen was arrested when his wife told police he’d mutilated her genitals. Soon after she assisted the police, the 28-year-old was tragically shot and killed in her home country in what has been described by South African news stations as a potential ordered hit. Police have yet to make an arrest for her murder, but when they investigated 63-year-old Frederiksen’s home, they found evidence of another crime — somewhere from 21 pieces (reports have varied) of at least seven female genitals were stockpiled in Frederiksen’s freezer. IN THE FREEZER! He allegedly sedated victims in his home before slicing their clits and/or vulvas. I’ll pause now while you take a minute to scream and/or gag. Unfortunately, it gets even worse: this asshole labeled each of them as “trophies” and recorded them alongside photos of the victims they came from. Horrifically, it’s also believed that one of the genitals came from a seven-year-old victim.

Frederiksen has been nicknamed the “clitoris collector” by local news in his area, and he’s been charged with sexual assault. It’s expected that he’ll also be charged with two counts of conspiracy to commit murder, bigamy, possession, and manufacturing and distribution of child pornography. While there’s no proof as of yet that he killed his wife, it’s hard not to assume as much. Police are encouraging other victims of Frederiksen’s to come forward. He requested bail while he awaits trail, but his application has been postponed. Let’s hope this fucker is never able to hurt another woman again.

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