Brave Women Wear Drugstore Makeup For A Week And “Survive”

The brave souls in the Refinery29 beauty department took on the challenge of wearing drugstore makeup for one week, which is clearly an act of unspeakable courage. Challenged by their boss to take $30 and go HAM in a Walgreens, these brave women ditched their fancy shit and went in for what the Normals wear. Then, they used those products on their faces for seven whole days, trying in vain not to explode from anxiety.  The results, as the internet says, will probably surprise you.

If for some reason you thought that any of these women would say to themselves that maybe wearing lipstick that didn’t cost over $20 is a good idea, you’d be very wrong. If you had a hunch that most of them would undergo an existential crisis, and that one woman would even quit the challenge because the limitations of using peasant makeup were such that she couldn’t handle it, you’re getting warmer.

Stunt journalism for the sake of proving to readers that the makeup they’re most likely already using — Cover Girl foundations, Maybelline Great Lash mascara, that stupid Wet’n’Wild #666 lipliner that is PERFECT FOR EVERYONE — is NOT SO BAD AFTER ALL is one thing. We aren’t all beauty editors. Because I write for a site that women read, I am often sent makeup that costs more money than I would conceivably spend on dinner let alone beauty products. I use it because it’s free. I don’t suffer a mental collapse when my bougie-ass organic cold-pressed  argan face oil runs out because, again, it was free. If I get a lipstick from a company and I use it and I like it and it’s expensive, if it runs out, so what? I replace all my fancy shit with free stuff because despite whatever elaborate lies pop culture has taught us, writing about penises and “Empire” doesn’t afford me a lifestyle where it’s feasible to buy $50 Tom Ford lipstick, no matter how badly I want it.

I get that this whole stunt was a “challenge,” an attempt to show their readers something, but it’s not clear what the end game was. To prove that drugstore makeup is of lesser quality than the good stuff? To illustrate how hard life is when you’re given a budget of $30 to spend on eyeliner and brow pencils from CVS? Or, was it to dedicate 5,000 words to the tribulations of women challenged to wear makeup below their pay grade for the sake of proving that, yep, it’s just as hard as you think to look like a put together person while wearing cheap eyeshadow? That tight-lining your eyes with anything other than LORAC is a sacrifice akin to placing your firstborn in the hands of the devil and walking away?

If you want to spend millions of dollars on eyeshadow palettes and that goddamn RMS luminizer that people swear makes you look like you’ve gotten 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep, that’s okay. It’s your money, and it’s your life! Extol the virtues of drugstore makeup, because it is cheap and it’s consistent, but don’t act like you’re exploring uncharted, terrifying territory, ladies.

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