You Will Not Get Me To Buy This “Transgender Beer”

A Scottish brewing company has made the world’s first “transgender” beer. Does anyone else remember around the mid 2000s, when “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy,” “The L Word,” and “Will and Grace” were all on TV at the same time, and it just sort of felt like everyone was jumping on the gay train because it was trendy to be gay-friendly but still not trendy to actually work for gay rights? That’s what this beer feels like, except ten years later and pertaining to the trans community.

Brewdog, the brewery, used Jester hops to brew their No Label beer. Jester hops can change sex during the process of growing, making them, if you want to anthropomorphize plants, non-binary hops. Brewdog said in a statement that “The beer draws parallels with individuals who identify themselves in a similar ‘non-binary’ way, as neither exclusively male nor female – a community of people that is still largely under-acknowledged by society.” Does it, though?

Brewdog has the blessing of Queerest of the Queer, an event collective to which Brewdog is donating profits from No Label. Which is great, I guess. My main thing is that I think that many of my fellow non-binary people would agree that we’re not exactly looking to relate to beer. The beer most trans and non-binary folks would like to drink is the beer that they use an ID to obtain that accurately states their gender identity, that they’re throwing back with friends who don’t ask them invasive and extremely personal questions as a matter of habit, after getting off of work from a job that can’t fire them for their gender identity and which has health care benefits that cover their transitional costs. Literally any beer would be great in that situation.


Image via Brewdog

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