Thank Us Later: No Joke, The Best Pants/Jeans Cost Only $17.99

Picture it! Providence, Rhode Island, something like three years ago probably! It was summer, we were on a trip visiting family for my cousin’s wedding, but it ended up being unseasonably chilly and I needed to get some emergency pants for nighttime since I’d only brought dresses, jeans, and shorts.

Being that these were to be emergency pants, I didn’t want to get anything expensive or fancy, so I went to H&M and bought a pair of their black Slim-Fit “Treggings.” They were exactly what I wanted — cute, not stupidly low-waisted, and super, super cheap. “Whatever, I’ll could wear these like five times and it would be worth it for that price!” I thought.

Since that day, I swear to you, I have not bought a single other kind of pants or jeans. These things are literally all I wear, and they are perfect always. They are leggings that you can, in fact, wear as pants!

Now! Let me tell you! I am not unaccustomed to fancy pants (and jeans). Prior to this discovery, I had worked for a long time at an upscale boutique, and had acquired quite the selection of designer jeans. J Brand, Hudson, Current/Elliot, etc. were my go-to brands. Also the skinny jeans from Urban, but I stopped buying those because the buttons always fell off.

And I am telling you, these are better. They are worlds better.

First of all, they’re basically legging-like. They’re not like pajama jeans, but they are stretchy and super comfortable. I am currently sitting in them cross-legged on my bed (but like how you sit on the floor not in a chair), should that give you an idea.

Second, as I previously mentioned, unlike most cheap pants and jeans, they are not stupidly low-rise, which I like. I swear to god, it is not easy to find just regular, medium rise jeans. I am ridiculously short-waisted (like, I’m 5’8″ and 3/4 but when I sit next to my 5’3″ sister, she’s taller than I am. I have the torso of someone who is like 4’9″, tops), so this is super great for me.

Third, like leggings, there is no zipper or button, and you just pull them on and off. Again, I find this super convenient for my preferred method of casual sitting. But unlike leggings (because they just look like regular skinny jeans or pants), they have pockets on the back.

In addition to these glorious features — of which I cannot say enough — they come in a variety of colors and patterns. I think I have them in black (two pairs, because why the hell not), shiny black, dark denim, light denim, grey denim, mustard, teal, grey twill and beige. I will probably grab them in more colors, because I’m a hoarder and they’re cheap as hell. Besides, I think we can all agree that I probably need a pair of bright red pants.

hmprod (2)


The downside is that they do wear out a bit after like a year of regular wear — which is not actually terrible for pants that cost $17.99. Although I’ve had the pair I’m wearing right now for two years and they’re totally fine.

Also, the fancy colored and patterned ones only come in sizes 2-16, and the H&M+ ones, which come in sizes 12-24 are $24.99 rather than $17.99, right now only come in the grey denim and the dark blue denim. I will, however, say that those are the colors I wear the most.

One thing to note is that the denim ones are quite stretchy, the black ones are a medium amount of stretchy, and the colored ones are the least stretchy, so maybe get a size up in those or a size down in the denim ones. Honestly though, there’s not a huge difference between sizes so you should actually be OK either way. I have a couple different sizes because the colors I want aren’t always in the exact size I want.

Now sure, there are some fashion types blathering on about how this is the year skinny jeans will finally be overthrown by the bootcut or the wide-legged flood pants or whatever else they’ve been trying to get us into for god knows how many years now.

I mean, let’s be real here, no one feels like wearing this in real life:

The coveted denim Legion Pant is back in stock. Get it in-store at #95crosby or online. #rachelcomey #legionpant

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And that’s why it hasn’t happened yet, and it’s probably not going to, because no one wants to wear that shit outside of Instagram. If you like skinny jeans and also like being comfortable, I suggest you try these H&M tregging things out, and thank me later. [$17.99, H&M]