I 100 Percent Support This Wisdom Tooth Engagement Ring

Normally, when I hear about “quirky” wedding-related news items, I wind up wanting to throw my computer at the wall. Not so this time! Despite the fact that Carlee Leifkes and Lucas Unger are precisely the kind of goofy-selfie-taking hipsters I usually like to glower and hiss at, I 100 percent support the fact that Unger had an engagement ring made out of one of his wisdom teeth for Leifkes.

This isn’t the type of situation where it’s some dumb bohemian artisanal carnies getting married 38 times around the world because they think their love is so special that it merits 38 times as many declarations of love as anyone else’s relationship does. Unger and Leifkes are just two weirdos who thought that the whole engagement process would be improved by the extraction and then addition of a wisdom tooth.

And, by the way, yes, Unger got his tooth pulled out specifically for this ring. It’s not like he just had it lying around. The couple talked about it in advance, then he got his tooth extracted and brought it to a jeweler who said that designing a tooth ring was “very exciting.” It’s a win all around!

Furthermore, get this: These crazy hippies, who met at a musical festival (of course they did), got engaged on Halloween (of course they did!) and are getting married by an Elvis impersonator in Vegas (OF COURSE THEY ARE). But they’re keeping their whole process short and sweet – a total of three weeks will pass between their engagement and their wedding. They are my wedding heroes. All hail Carlee Leifkes and Lucas Unger, masters of doing you.

[ABC News]

[Image via Carlee Leifkes/ABC News]

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