Huckabee Thinks The President Can Magically Make Abortion, Gay Marriage & Sodomy Illegal

Mike Huckabee — whom, you may know, simply loves the Constitution — has some pretty interesting ideas about how things will go once he is President of the United States. Which, you may also know, is not a thing that is going to happen, ever.

At a briefing in Iowa last week, Huckabee answered the following question from an audience member:

“We have a situation here in Iowa where the federal government has usurped their authority. Sodomy is against the law, on the books, this very day, and the Supreme Court has issued a decree and we have states’ rights here, they have no jurisdiction over Iowa, just as they have no jurisdiction over prostitution in Las Vegas, Nevada. What we are asking for is we’re asking for some brave soul to stand up and say that this is wrong, you’ve violated states’ rights, we’re going to impeach the five justices that voted like they didn’t have a brain in their head.”

Now, as Miranda Blue of Right Wing Watch points out … there aren’t actually any anti-sodomy laws on the books in Iowa, as they were repealed by statute. Also, they were declared illegal by the Supreme Court in Lawrence v. Texas.

Naturally, Huckabee didn’t point this out. Instead, he responded“Well, I think, let’s be very clear. The court cannot make law.”

That is, of course, true in a sense. It is the Supreme Court’s job to interpret the law, and to interpret the constitution. The Supreme Court did not “make” the law in Lawrence or Obergfell–they interpreted it, and found that sodomy bans and gay marriage bans violated the constitution. Which, as you know, he loves dearly.

He then said:

“It means that the next president ought to have the courage to say, ‘We appreciate the court decision, but we ignore it because it’s not constitutional, there’s nothing in the Constitution that gives the federal government the authority to dictate or mandate what the definition of marriage is, and until the elected representatives have decided on this, there’s nothing for us to follow other than, ‘Thank you for your thoughts and opinions.’”


It is not the President’s job, or Congress’s job to interpret the constitution. That is what the judicial branch is for. I mean–does he think that literally every President who has presided over a SCOTUS decision he didn’t like was just some kind of sucker who didn’t have the guts to say “No thanks, we are not into that ruling?”

What is it that he thinks the Supreme Court is for? Does he think they are just there to offer recommendations or something?

I just…there are no words.

He then explained how he’s totally gonna make abortion illegal without a constitutional amendment!

“If I tell you that I’m pro-life, demand to test me on that. If I tell you that I really don’t believe in judicial supremacy, put me to the test. Ask me just exactly what I would do. If I tell you that we will end abortion, not just by promising to have a constitutional amendment, which is fairy dust to say we’re going to do those [things], but to tell me how I’m going to do it by invoking the Fifth and 14th Amendment, put me to the test and see if I know what I’m talking about.”

You do not know what you are talking about, Mike Huckabee, BECAUSE IT IS NOT THE PRESIDENT’S JOB TO INTERPRET THE CONSTITUTION. It’s not! What it is that he wants to do has zero things to do with that particular position. The reason we have a legislature, and a judicial branch, is because we need to have a system of checks and balances so that the President cannot just go around making whatever laws he wants.

He calls what the Supreme Court did “judicial tyranny,” which it is not–but a President getting to just decide to make whatever laws he wants? That is actual tyranny.

Huckabee thinks that if the president makes a declaration that fetuses are people, then abortion will automatically be illegal. But that, again, isn’t a thing the President can do.

Look, I get it. Huckabee and his friends desperately want to live in a country with no gay people, no abortions, no birth control and no blow jobs–where everyone is legally required to be a practicing Christian. I wish that for them too! Really! My happy place is dreaming of a time when we split into two countries, and then we get charge people in the Conservative country a million dollars per abortion and laugh at their absurdly high healthcare costs. But as of right now, we live in this country, and pretty much everything Mike Huckabee desperately wants to do to it is completely illegal. Not just in the way they thought passing Obamacare–through the correct channels, in the correct way–was illegal, or the way they think that what the Supreme Court does is illegal, but actually illegal.


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