Police Drop Charges Against Bahar Mustafa For Tweeting “#KillAllWhiteMen”

It only took a month for police to drop charges against Bahar Mustafa, former diversity officer at Goldsmiths University in London, for tweeting “#killallwhitemen” from her personal account. Breathe a sigh of relief: All of those cathartic tweets you’ve sent will not, in fact, be landing you in any trouble.

In early October, London police charged Mustafa with sending a communication conveying a threatening message and sending a grossly offensive message via a public communication network. The police told Mustafa on October 26th that: “The decision to discontinue these charges has been taken because there is not enough evidence to provide a realistic prospect of conviction.”

Well! This all seems like a very good use of public resources. Seriously, if every single person who ever sent an offensive tweet was charged with sending a malicious communication and formally investigated by the police, our government would break down.

[The Guardian]

[Image via Twitter]

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