Planned Parenthood Definitely Promoting Bestiality For Teenz, Says Anti-Choice Dimwit

Anti-choice activist Carol Everett, who is just an absolute treasure, appeared on “The Alan Colmes Show” to have a chat about her peculiar theory that people having multiple sex partners is just like rape. Now, if you thought it could not possibly get more ridiculous than that – or her other claim that Planned Parenthood teaches “sodomy” to five year olds – you would be wrong.

You see, in this interview, Carol Everett insists that Planned Parenthood is out to convince teenagers to engage in bestiality. For real. In fact, she told Alan Colmes that this goal is right there, “in black and white and color,” on their website.

Feel free to check that out for yourselves, but I assure you it is not there.

When pressed, Everett later gave Colmes a link to an EWTN (you know, the channel with the pirate nun?) site containing “Planned Parenthood Quotes.” This quote, from a 34-year-old study on human sexuality by Dr. Wardell Pomoroy that has literally nothing to do with Planned Parenthood, was apparently what she was referring to:

I have known cases of farm boys who have had a loving sexual relationship with an animal and who felt good about their behavior until they got to college, where they learned for the first time that what they had done was ‘abnormal.’ Then they were upset.

Even if that somehow did have something to do with Planned Parenthood, it’s really more of an observance than actual recommendation of any kind. You know, because that is what a study is.

Everett’s claim to fame, by the way, is that she had an abortion back in 1973 (which she claims her husband and doctor goaded her into) and that she was formerly the director of four clinics in Texas. After those clinics were investigated for having performed abortions on women who weren’t pregnant as a result of getting their pregnancy tests mixed up (which was a thing that could happen in the ’80s before sonograms were a thing), she decided to convert to born-again Christianity rather than actually run a clinic correctly. She has been a gift ever since.

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